Saturday, October 31, 2020

And The Winner Is...

 WHEW! That was quite the pumpkin show-down, folks. We had some of the highest voting we've ever recorded this year. Y'all really know how to get the vote out! (...and hopefully not just for pumpkins.)

Now, every year before we start carving, I predict the winner based purely on concept. I'm almost NEVER correct—so much so that it's become a running joke in our family. But this year, I was 100% on the money, because I just knew that the idea of 2020 represented as a literally flaming dumpster fire was going to be something that resonated deep down in peoples' souls. 

That's right—the landslide winner of the 14th Annual Baldwin Pumpkin Carving Contest, capturing a 87-51 victory, is... 

Pumpkin B, the 2020 Dumpster Fire!

And even though it means that the LITERAL HOURS I spent agonizing over the layering on my own pumpkin did not net me the victory, I'm genuinely pleased to say that the brilliant mind (and hands) behind Pumpkin B is the man himself, Mahon Baldwin. Those of you who've followed our contest for a long time will probably remember that Mahon has almost NEVER won, despite carving some true masterpieces. When he told me the idea he had for the dumpster fire pumpkin earlier this month, I immediately said, "Oh, that's definitely going to win." I admit, my Zoom-o-Lantern turned out so much better than I'd imagined that I thought it might give Mahon's creation more of a run for its money... but in the end, the visceral pleasure at seeing 2020 represented with flaming trash spoke to the most people, and I can hardly fault anyone for that!

Thanks, everyone, for voting. As always, you've helped make this one of the best weeks in the Baldwin family calendar! See you next year! (And I can even say that without wanting to die inside, because oh man. The professional grade tools we got this year? THOSE. THINGS. ARE MAGIC.)